There's No Waiting For Friends on Powder Days

The Seasonaire’s Choice: Top 50 Tunes To Ski/Board To 50-40

So, better late than never and, oh yeah, we extended it to 50; too many tunes to pick from. Here we go, the top 50 tunes to shred to, chosen by you guys, the seasonaires:

50. Abba – Thank You For The Music

Just kidding… Here we go:

50. Stereophonics – Dakota

It’s the nostalgia track. Probably best suited for aprés rather than the actual skiing but a decent track nevertheless.

49. Tensnake – Coma Cat

A good one for the park.

48. Hall and Oates – You Make My Dreams Come True

No seriously, it’s on the list! It’s a fun tune, you can’t deny that and it’s all about cheese. Getting ready for first lifts, high fives and man hugs. This works.

47. Reef – Superhero

The song you turn to when you think you’re unstoppable. Right before you find yourself balls deep in a tree.

46. The Jam – Town Called Malice

Works a treat on the piste when you’ve got a nice poppy pair of skis or board and a couple of cheeky 180s in your locker.

45. The Libertines – Don’t Look Back Into The Sun

Nice and pacy. Perfect with the wind in your face, racing down to the rendezvous for aprés.

44. The Offspring – The Kids Aren’t Alright

Pacy and a little bit angry. Everything you need to blow off some steam and clear the hangover cobwebs from between your ears.

 43. Quantic Soul Orchestra – An Announcement To Answer

Great track for park and powder days. Chiiiillllllled.

42. Easy Star All Stars – Let Down

Everything you want in a powder track. Upbeat but not too lairy. Imagine snaking through deep pow to some dub reggae mmmmm.

41. Pendulum – Fasten Your Seatbelt

The obvious choice for the speed demon. Probably not the greatest one to stick on in the Rockies where you can have your lift pass confiscated for going too fast. Killjoys.


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