There's No Waiting For Friends on Powder Days

The Seasonaire’s Choice: Top 50 Tunes To Ski/Board To 30-20

Just 3 installments left now. We’re getting into the choooooons now. It’s the top 30.

30. Blink 182 – Mutt

You remember when you were a fearless teenager right? This is where it all comes flooding back. All balls and no brains.

29. Sublime – Doin’ Time

The lyrics (“summer time and the living’s easy”) shouldn’t work in this context but they do. Perfect for blaring out on the speakers in the park. Big air and rails.

28. Incubus – Light Grenades

Hair raiser.

27. Pnau – Embrace

A kind of dancy, funky tune. You girl snow bums will LOVE this, or ❤ it… whatever it is you say these days.

26. A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It?

An absolute classic. (See *29* for reasons about its inclusion on the list)

25. Chemical Brothers – Galvanise

It’s funky, it’s dangerous and Zane Lowe probably hailed it as “the hottest record in the world right now” at one point. It’s an easy choice for the lifts heading up kamikaze mountain!

24. MGMT – Time To Pretend

This is for your love ski with all your mates. Everyone on their day off heading towards their preferred aprés destination with a lot of love on the mountain.

23. Fort Minor – Remember The Name

Not the greatest song you’ll ever here especially as it has been mauled by every chav who ever posted a football video on Youtube but if those lyrics and that beat doesn’t pump you up, nothing will.

22. Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy

Extremely funky. Just enjoy while you’re riding switch down an old favourite with so much beer in your system that it’s starting to come out of your nostrils.

21. Pendulum – Tarantula

I know, more Pendulum (and not the last either), but they’re hard to ignore. Another track to get you pumped up for a big run or accompany you over some sketchy rock drops.


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