There's No Waiting For Friends on Powder Days

Three Valley Rally 2012 A Messy Success

The Three Valley Rally takes place every year in Courchevel. Participants must reach designated checkpoints across the resort while having to consume large amounts of alcohol and endure some horrendous challenges. This year the trophy took on new meaning, however, with four time winner Jennifer J Clare choosing not to compete after having the competition named after her and last year’s fierce competitors Sara (of Scott Dunn) and Sian (of Ski Physio) teaming up in their quest for the coveted trophy. So for those of you who don’t know, here are the basic rules posted by Alexander Irwin, editor of the Courchevel Enquirer:

The battle for the Jennifer J Clare trophy of expletives.

Photo courtesy of Alex Irwin: The Courchevel Enquirer

Teams of 4 must contain at least 2 women and 1 snowboarder.

Apart from visiting every checkpoint there are no rules.

Cheating is allowed.

The only real rule is to not get caught cheating.

Prizes for best fancy dress and best efforts throughout the race.

And here is what the poster looked like:

All teams had four checkpoints to pass through; the first giving them a clue to take them down from 1850 to 1650. Unfortunately, one team took the “go down 200m to the bottom of the 3 Vallees” part a little too literally when they journeyed all the way down to Le Praz 1300 in search of the ACTUAL bottom. The second checkpoint involved the blokes in each team removing their underwear and putting them back on outside their ski suits while drinking a garlic vodka shot.

At point 3, the teams were greeted by a birds eyes chilli tequila, a brief snow skating session and a cinnabomb which looks like this:


Picture courtesy of Alex Irwin: The Courchevel Enquirer

The fourth and final checkpoint involved a condom filled with Chartreuse and Ricard (yummy), dished out by the ever-willing Jennifer Clare.

For a more in depth report on the day’s proceedings click here and for photos click here.


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